Teaching God’s word to children

Introducing God’s word to children beginning at a very early age is very important. Below are five concepts related to this, as supported by the writings of Sister Ellen G. White in Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, Section 12.

Let Christ touch the children’s hearts. In teaching truth, we must reach the hearts of the children. We must show them clearly that the love of Christ is all joy and invites them to come to Him. Let us show God’s love to our little ones, for His sweet love will give happiness and provide a way for the little ones to draw closer to Him.

Children learn through experience. Under the power of the Holy Spirit, teachers should do everything possible to make their teaching attractive and pleasant. They should use different approaches and present truth in clear, simple language.

It is important to teach children from experience. They learn about Biblical teachings through concrete examples and everyday situations that show them how truth active in their daily lives.

Children learn through questions. The children also need to be involved in teaching through dialogue and discussion. Give them time to ask questions and express their concerns, so that they can learn what the Bible teaches.

After attending church services, take time to ask the children questions. Ask them simple, basic questions about what was read or discussed in the service.

Let the seed sprout and grow naturally. Truth needs to be taught continually, step by step. Begin with simple, basic teachings that can be easily understood by children, and then help them dig deeper into spiritual concepts as they grow and develop their personal understanding and characters. Learning is a process; and, over time, you will see how the Lord develops deep Christian wisdom in children.

Be creative. The teaching of truth should be a creative, attractive experience for children. They will be greatly blessed as their parents and teachers use different resources and means, such as illustrations, games, and music, that make the learning experience dynamic and enjoyable. Capture the children’s attention in simple yet creative ways by using colors, textures, and crafts to engage their attention and help them to get to know God better and better as they grow up.

“There are great possibilities in the human understanding when connected with the True Teacher, who in His presentation of the things of the natural world revealed truth in its practical bearings. God works all unseen upon the human heart; for without the divine power operating upon the understanding, the mind of man cannot grasp the sentiments of elevating, ennobling truth. It cannot read the book of nature, nor can it understand the simplicity of godliness found therein. When the human mind is freed from perverting influences, it can receive the lessons of Christ. But no man can understand the true science of education, only as God in His wisdom shall through the Holy Spirit sanctify his observation.” –Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, p. 376.


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