An intersection is a place where at least two things cross, collide, meet, or overlap. The website of the American Union is such a place. It is designed to bring together not only ideas but people. The intent is to provide information that will add value to the lives of everyone who visits. The goal, therefore, is to share eternal values in a postmodern world where nothing seems to matter but the here and now!

Here Christians may intersect. Here is a structure, a foundation, a vehicle. In a special sense, we have the opportunity to build something special here on a time-honored foundation with Jesus Christ as the cornerstone, an edifice in cyberspace to God’s glory; and of course it is all due to His grace.

In the construction of Solomon’s temple, all the building materials were prepared offsite and then brought to the temple location and put in place without noise. As the construction continued day after day, one stone kept getting in the way; for a very long time, no one knew what to do with it as they kept working around it.  Several stones had been tried in the supremely important cornerstone position, but they had failed. Then one day, they tried the stone that they had kept stumbling over and working around; it proved to be not only a perfect fit but to have endured heat, rain, frost, and every possible abuse without showing even the slightest crack. (See Psalm 118:22; Isaiah 8:14; 2 Peter 2:8). With renewed energy, with new life and self-abandonment for Him who gave until there was nothing more to give, we want to present Him and His kingdom in this new forum.

The cross of Christ is the great intersection of all time and space. There two things meet–the heavenly and the earthly. At the cross of Christ, two worlds intersect; and thus is brought into sharp focus–by stark contrast–the difference between two world views arrayed in conflict. One is the kingdom of force; the other, the kingdom of personal choice and responsibility, based on irrefutable, eternal principles–think of the law of cause and effect, planting and reaping.

Can we accomplish such an intersection here? Can we build such a “building”? Definitely not by ourselves. But if our sole aim is to glorify the One who brought us into existence and place ourselves where He can inspire everything we do, we believe we can. Would you like to be part of that? Will you intersect with Him first and then with us? You are invited to do so.

A page for each church

In addition, there is a page for each local church–under About/Churches. Every local church is asked please to keep its page updated by sending an email to or using the Contact page whenever something needs to be changed. Also, it will be excellent if the pictures can be updated every few months. Additional meetings and announcements may be included, so send those as well.

Submit material

If you have material that you believe would be a blessing to be included in the site, please click on “Contact us,” and let us know what you can contribute. Please do not inundate us with data, but prayerfully pre-screen materials on the basis of their spiritual value to a broad audience. We must reserve to the American Union Literature Committee the right to accept or decline materials to appear on the site. Materials that we believe are valuable but need editing will be returned to the author with edits marked, and he or she may choose whether or not to accept them.

The Department leaders are invited to submit one-page articles for the Blog, which is organized by subject.

The Holy Spirit is free to use us, because we have determined with all our hearts to follow the Saviour, who said, “I seek not Mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent Me.” John 5:30. Likewise, we do not seek our own will or to exalt ourselves over anyone. His mission is ours: “To seek and to save that which was lost.” Luke 19:10.

Let’s intersect!